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Best Natural Nail Shapes in 2017

Round Shaped Nails

Round nails contour is well suited for nails to get a classic lady and is one of the classic forms of acrylic nails, this again is shaped by many girls like this short nail to college, conventional beauty never leaves the trend anyway!

Oblong Shaped Nails

Using the attractiveness of nails that are oblong shaped, you can’t help but adore your nails! It’s refined, strong and not as much injury- prone shape, as the game never stops unless the nail breaks! Suits length and every nail types, just an ideal framework for producing nail art that is traditional designs.

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This nail form is undeniably cool, while impractical. But these talons will make day-to day working a small challenging. If you would like to take to it out, look for pointy press -on nails to experiment with beforehand.

Stiletto/Mountain Peak

Quite popular at this time, notably amongst celebs and Hollywood stars, stiletto (or mountain peak) nails are long and pointed in the tip. You're able to either file them into the form you desire or purchase them. You can get stiletto nails by tapering in the sides to create a point in the tip and submitting a way. Sadly the shape is normally weak as the area of the nail that provides the power, the sides, is tapered away until they may be almost gone. What this means is they generally don’t last really long.

Curved Square

This variation of nails is a little less intense than its more geometric counter part, but it still seems delightfully manicured and is a terrific canvas for nail art that is uncomplicated.


Oblong nails certainly are a combination or mix of some of the shapes – square, almond and rounded. This implies that they function well on several types of nail, equally medium and long, as well as creates a mo-Re feminine look. To get an oval shape, file the point to the shape you desire (likely oval..) And then file parts of the sides a way. This can also weaken the nails a small. But when your nails are wide or b-road afterward the oval is a perfect fit so issue should be n’ted by the weakening an excessive amount, and as it can help make them appear more delicate.

Almond Contour

For this particular nail shape, you needs to have nails that are lengthy. The issue is the fact that limited with one of these nail shapes will be got by nail growth. Furthermore, they're fairly simple to split, as they're not lasting and exceedingly powerful. Ouch! Be cautious

Square Nails with Rounded Edges

You file the top like you’re going for the square-shape have to file your nail sides straight and after that smoothly file the edges before you get your desired shape.

Squoval (Square and Oval) Shape

To help you generate a luscious look, this nail shape is the mix of square and oval shape! It helps stabilizing the strength of nails and to raise. Reducing the likelihood of breakage. The oval shape is simple to keep but maybe not considerably better looking than the rounded nail contours.


Rounded is an all round great shape that's ideal for anybody who favors shorter nails. It breaks infrequently and could be fixed fairly easily also. A quite simple and an easy task to keep up shape. As with the square, the nails grow out straight in the sides and file the tip into a curved contour. Much like the square in its procedure, and due to this it permits you to alter the shape from a complete square all of the way through to rounded, and cease everywhere between that you think looks best.

More different shapes of nail 

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